Instant quotes

Commercial insurance today is slow, and often customers don’t get enough options and information up front. With Perilwise, you get online price estimate and multiple options to compare and choose from to ensure your business is protected always!

Policy Manager Suite

Companies often need help managing their insurance, be it transit insurance, their office insurance, or group health insurance for employees, or legal liability insurance. Perilwise offers one online dashboard solution to manage the entire portfolio!

Insurance as a Service

Perilwise provides API level integrations for online insurance, such as transit insurance, group health insurance, property insurance, etc that allow you to improve your offering, and provide insurance to your customers.


Perilwise has a team of insurance experts ready and waiting to provide claims assistance, should you need it. Our team also work to help you select the best cover for your particular!


We have our own chatbot, (WiseBot), and it can answer any insurance related query you have, and help you pick the right insurance for you. Our price estimator algorithm is also self-correcting, getting more accurate with time.

Risk Management Services

Our highly qualified team is available to consult with you on your risk management needs, and help you reduce, manage, and insure risks to ensure smooth operation of your business.

Personal Insurance

Check out the Perilwise policy manager, a single solution for you and your family’s insurance needs!

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