Perilwise for Business

2017-11-14 18:39:00 UTC

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Perilwise are licenced insurance brokers, which means we represent the customer, and help him/her choose the best insurance product for his/her needs. Now, we extend this service to companies, bringing the perilwise values of innovation, trust, transparency and integrity to the B2B (business to business) world of insurance.

And so, we launch Perilwise for Business.

Basically, Perilwise now provides complete insurance solutions for your company, and helps you with all your insurance needs! Here are the ways in which we can help:

Business Insurance Online:

For the first time in india, we have a portal that helps you dynamically customise cover for your business online! All you have to do is enter your business type, and sum insured requirements, and the perilwise engine calculates your Fire (& allied perils) insurance options on the fly. This allows you to protect your business’ structure(building insurance), contents, and stocks. You can also get additional benefits like terrorism cover, earthquake cover, burglary insurance, theft insurance, machinery breakdown insurance, electronic equipment insurance, Fire Loss of Profit insurance and more! We also have experts who are available on call to talk you through your specific needs, and provide extra cover(such as plate glass cover, money insurance, etc.) tailored to just your business.

It’s easy; just enter your details, get prices, and if you are interested, a perilwise expert will contact you, and help you from there!

Check out india’s first online business insurance portal now!

Insurance as a Service:

Many businesses see specific types of insurance as a relevant offering to their customers. Offering insurance along with their products/services also allows greater customer engagement and customer stickiness. Logistics carriers/aggregators/marketplaces want to offer marine insurance. Garage aggregators and auto industry players would like to offer motor insurance. HR software solution providers want to provide group cover(health/PA/Life) on their platform. Perilwise provides API level integrations, that allow you to improve your offering, and provide insurance to your customers! Contact us for more details.

Insurance Portfolio management:

As an organisation grows, so does the scope of insurance it deals with, and many organisations end up having resources tied up to managing this full time. Well, not anymore! Perilwise for business offers you a portal to manage all your organisation’s insurance needs be it Fire & Engineering insurance for company property, group health insurance and/or group life insurance for employees, liability insurance(errors & omissions/professional indemnity) for directors, or cyber security for the business as a whole. Perilwise offers one online solution to manage the entire portfolio, with multiple levels of logins from executive to overlord and online modules for quotes, endorsements, renewals, and claims. We are also working on many automation and analytics solutions using AI, which will get rolled out directly to your dashboard!

Support & Customisation

Perilwise provides claims support to help you facilitate smooth processing of claims, and walking you through the various claims processes. Perilwise also provides IT support, customising your dashboard and requirements as per your organisation’s needs.

Risk Management Services

Many Companies are exposed to a lot of risk, and unfortunate incidents could cause a huge loss to the business. Perilwise Risk management revolves around identifying various risk factors that your organisation is exposed to, and making recommendations as to which risks you can reduce, which risks you can insure, and which risks you are better off bearing yourself. With our expertise in insurance and analytics, we guarantee tailor made solutions to improve your risk security or cost savings.

In the Pipeline

Perilwise offers all varieties of insurance offline, and we are working round the clock to bring all of those lines online. Here’s what is in store for the next months

Perilwise’s online offering will soon also extend to group health insurance, group Personal accident cover, and Group life insurance.

The next thing we bring online is marine cargo insurance(AKA transit insurance). Marine insurance allows you to insure your shipments, whether it is products you ship downstream, or your suppliers’ goods. There are also specifically tailored policies for logistics operators, aggregators, and more.

Another line that we will bring online is liability policies: Insurance that protects you for events that you are liable for. There are many types of liability policies, like professional indemnity insurance, commercial general liability insurance, cybersecurity insurance, public liability insurance, and more. Look forward to an update soon!

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