Fire and Engineering Insurance

Good businesses thrive on taking risk, on risks calculated to earning a profit. However, when it comes to protecting the business, no business owner should take risks. Buying sufficient insurance is prudent, even for small ventures. While needs would vary depending on type and scale of operation, there are some covers that are essential for all businesses. Fire Insurance and Engineering and industrial insurance, broadly speaking, cover all property, machinery, stock, equipment, etc. from various perils and dangers.

Perilwise has a smart premium calculator with all of these products’ rates; which allows you to enter your details, and get an estimate of premiums.

Perilwise offers many different covers under Fire and Engineering insurance, including:

Standard Fire and Special Perils

This plan is a basic cover against loss because of a fire, riots, strikes, floods and storms. Further policies under fire...

Erection All Risk Policy

Also called Erection All Risk(EAR) and/or Construction All Risk(CAR), this insurance covers all types of risks involved in the erection...

Industrial All Risk Policy

Industrial All Risks Insurance is a wider cover than traditional “Standard Fire and Special Peril Insurance policy”. It is an all risk policy covering...

Contractors All Risk Insurance

Civil engineering projects like buildings, bridges, dams, roads, etc. require huge capital investments and involve high risk of loss or damage...

Contractor Plant
Contractor Plant and Machinery Insurance

The construction business, involving the building of structures, roads, factories and bridges, are large scale projects. Those in this business make use...

Office Insurance
Office Insurance Policy

Office insurance, also known as office package policy, protects your office premises and its contents from various perils. As a company grows...

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