Property Insurance

Office Insurance Policy

A single packaged Insurance policy to protect your office contents and/or building...

Shop Insurance

A single packaged insurance product to protect your retail store, shop...

Contractors All Risk Insurance

An all risk policy to protect your construction project from multiple risks while it is ongoing

Why Take Property Insurance?


Your business premises(office, shop, factory, warehouse, etc) are core to your operations, and need to be protected from both acts of god and damage caused by third parties or accidents


You can take insurance to cover a large range of risks in one policy, such as fire, burglary & theft, terrorism, earthquake, electronic equipment, machinery breakdown, etc.

Risk Management

There are many adverse events that could affect your business, and insurance will help you safeguard your business and ensure continuity.

Other Property Products


Standard Fire and Special Perils

This plan is a basic cover against loss because of a fire, riots, strikes, floods and storms. Further...


Erection All Risk Policy

Also called Erection All Risk(EAR) and/or Construction All Risk(CAR), this insurance covers all types of risks involved in the erection...


Industrial All Risk Policy

Industrial All Risks Insurance is a wider cover than traditional “Standard Fire and Special Peril Insurance policy”. It is an all...

Contractor Plant

Contractor Plant and Machinery Insurance

The construction business, involving the building of structures, roads, factories and bridges, are large...

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