Group Personal Accident Insurance

Many business have workers put in environments where they are exposed to danger- such as factory workers operating machinery, truck drivers, on ground sales personnel, field agents, delivery personnel etc. There is a very real chance that these employees may meet with an accident in the course of duty.

Such incidents will also place a huge burden on the family of the affected person. Protect your employees from death and disability with Group Personal accident cover.

Personal Accident cover has three benefits- cover in case of death, permanent total disability and permanent partial disability. Some products even offer a payout for temporary total disability, children’s education allowance and more.

This helps an organization demonstrate that it values its human resources and shows its commitment to help in times of need. Perilwise experts will analyse the best cover for your requirements and provide the same.


  1. Named/Un-Named: A Group Personal Accident policy could have named members( where known) or unnamed members, where unknown.
  2. Sum Insured based on Salary or Category, as per client requirements.
  3. Policy can be tailor-made according to your requirements as per choice of benefits in combination with Accidental Death benefit.
  4. Endorsements: As declared or monthly regular declarations. Premium is charged from the date of intimation, but the coverage starts from the date of joining.


  1. Accidental Death - Death due to Accident
  2. Dismemberment - This would mean loss of limbs, loss of eyesight, loss of hearing, etc.
  3. Permanent Total Disability - If injury leads to permanent disability
  4. Permanent Partial Disability – If injury leads to partial permanent disability
  5. Weekly Benefit – Entitles insured for loss of Pay on temporary basis due to an accident
  6. Accident Medical Expenses Reimbursement – Entitles insured to claim both OPD and In patient expenses, up to sublimit

Optional Rider Benefits

There are a few optional benefits offered with Group Personal accident Insurance; such as education allowance, Family Transportation, Modification Allowance and Repatriation Of Mortal Remains & Funeral expenses.

Main Exclusions

A full list of exclusions will be explained to you by perilwise representatives before a purchase. Here’s an indicative list of major exclusions in group personal accident insurance

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Suicide
  • Military Service or operations
  • war
  • illegal act
  • bacterial infections
  • AIDS
  • dangerous sports
  • Pregnancy or anything related to childbirth

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