Group Travel Policy

Why take an individual retail policy every time your employee travels abroad when you can buy a single policy for all your people? Businesses, especially those that rely on a lot of travelling personnel, often benefit from a group travel cover.

Every business trip is an investment for any company. Employees have to travel to customer’s office/premises for meetings, progress reviews, etc. to jointly find solutions to problems on the project and then implement them together. The perils of this investment can be lost baggage (and passports), personal accidents, even a hospital stay in a strange land. It can even amount to an employee being replaced due to an illness or missing a meeting because a delayed trip. Business Travel Insurance policy guards against these perils.


  1. The premium rates are per day, per person - so an organization only pays for what it uses, and this saves premium
  2. The policy can be issued online and is convenient for all parties involved
  3. Travel days can be replenished on payment of additional premium - and a monthly reconciliation cycle to ensure accuracy of billing. Perilwise provides APIs for the same, and clients can use the perilwise dashboard to manage their needs.

Each Business Travel Accident policy is for an entire year. During this year, all single overseas trips (not exceeding 180 days) made by each and any employee is covered. The travel days and premium are adjusted according to actual number of days used.

Perilwise experts will help you choose the appropriate cover at an optimum cost.


The following are the main exclusions

  • Traveling against the advice of the physician
  • For obtaining treatment
  • Pre-existing ailments & complications arising out of them
  • Suicide or attempted suicide
  • War
  • Terrorism
  • Illegal acts
  • Dangerous sports etc

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