Group Health Insurance

Also known as Mediclaim, or Group Mediclaim insurance, This policy provides health insurance to your employees. As an employer, ensuring the well-being of your employees is not just a responsibility but important for the success of the business.

Group medical covers provide monetary support for your employees if there is a crisis without putting a financial burden on the business.

Group covers offer benefits more than many individual health insurance plans, including covers for pre existing conditions, cover for an employee's family, reimbursements for day care procedures and maternity expenses, cashless facility, policy 'carry forward' facility (allows employees to convert their group policy to an individual personal cover when they retire or move to another company) and no age restrictions.

Benefits Include

  • In-patient treatment including room rent, ICU, nursing, medicines drugs & consumables covered without any sub-limits.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization medical expenses: Medical expenses incurred upto 30 days immediately before hospitalization and upto 60 days immediately post hospitalization. This can be increased.
  • Day Care Procedures: The policy covers medical expenses for multiple day care treatments which do not require 24 hours hospitalization
  • Domiciliary Treatment: The policy covers for the medical expenses incurred for availing medical treatment at home on the advice of the attending Medical Practitioner which would otherwise have required Hospitalisation.
  • Organ Donor: The policy covers Medical Expenses on harvesting the organ from the donor for organ transplantation.
  • Dental Treatment (in case of Accident): Insurer will reimburse Medical Expenses of any necessary dental treatment from a Dentist provided that the Dental treatment is required as a result of an Accident. Maximum liability shall be limited to the amount specified in the Schedule of Benefits.
  • Ayush Benefit: The policy covers you for medical expenses incurred for In-patient treatment taken under Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha or Homeopathy, upto Rs. 20,000 for sum insured from 2lacs to 4lacs and upto Rs. 25,000 for sum insured from 5 lacs to 10 lacs per policy year.

There are other customisations including Hospital cash allowance, critical illness, etc.

Perilwise allows you to customise your group health cover benefits online, and view tentative premiums as you do. This allows you to tailor make the best cover within your budget, and allows us to figure out which insurer to go to a lot faster, thereby closing the entire deal in 70% faster than a traditional agent or broker!

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