Innovation is a core mandate and company value at Perilwise, and we go the extra mile with Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

We use our expertise in analytics, underwriting and actuarial fields to bring analytics and machine learning to B2B insurance. We do this in many ways; and are always exploring new avenues. We used multiple insurers’ underwriting guidelines and data to come up with our own algorithm to estimate premiums for various lines, such as group health insurance, fire and property insurance(office protection, business package policies, etc.). This algorithm learns as we grow, thus getting more granular and more accurate every day.

We use an inhouse designed chatbot to help you answer any queries you may have about insurance, acting as an FAQ module. Our chatbot is currently in advanced beta, and gets rolled out soon! We also have plans to use classification algorithms to evaluate your needs(especially in liability lines of insurance) thus allowing us to understand your risks and needs with as little work from you as necessary.

Everything we build is designed to get more accurate and evolved with time, to ensure that we are always a step ahead of everyone else at anticipating your needs and fulfilling it ahead of time.

Commercial Insurance Premium calculators

Perilwise’s quote engine allows you to select the covers you want and gives you a very accurate estimate of premium after crunching numbers for many leading insurers. This algorithm is constantly updated and gets more accurate with time.

Analytics and Personalisation

Perilwise also aggregates a lot of industry and insurer data to decide your risk level, which policies to recommend you, and what your risk priority should be.


WiseBot, our chatbot, can answer any question you may have about insurance. You can also log requests for claims, endorsements and more. There is also an update in the works to provide genuine purchase assistance, thus allowing us to service clients at any hour of the day.

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