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Many businesses have customers who ask them if they provide insurance related to their field. Financial advisors are often asked for life insurance and health insurance recommendations. Logistics aggregators are asked for marine cargo insurance. Motor garage aggregators, and car service providers are asked for motor insurance. E-bike sellers are asked for insurance for the electric cycles. The list goes on. Now, when your business model revolves around speed and convenience, it is cumbersome to have to provide insurance the traditional way, it creates a bottleneck in your operations. In many cases, it prevents the possibility altogether. If your business is online, the you don’t want to break the user experience to offer insurance the traditional way, but you also don’t want to leave your offering incomplete.

Perilwise provides API integrations to offer insurance as a service. Now your customers can avail insurance with just a few details and clicks(subject to IRDA compliance guidelines). Get ahead of your competition, by making your offering more complete. You also get a dashboard to monitor your sales and balance. Now you can focus on your core business, and outsource your entire insurance module to us, thanks to a seamless integration.

Below are the current API solutions we offer. If you have a different, specific need for API integrations for Insurance, contact Perilwise for a more detailed discussion.

Fire & Allied Perils

Allows businesses to protect their building structure, contents, stocks, machinery, and more!

Health & related insurance

Provide Mediclaim, Travel, Group health, personal accident and other insurance to your customers!

Cycles and E-Bike

Get cycle insurance for your customers or insure your fleet of bicycles, with a smooth system integration.

Marine Cargo(Transit insurance)

Provide cargo insurance to customers shipping goods through you, or take an open policy to cover all our shipments in real time.

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