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When you want insurance for your car, or travel, you can go online and get it in a few clicks. But why can’t you do the same for your business? Commercial insurance today is a very slow affair, involving a lot of back-and-forth and long, drawn out procedures. Well, no more!.

Perilwise provides online quotes for business insurance lines, with our unique algorithm. So now you can customise your cover online, and dynamically view how your price will be affected. This makes it easy for you to decide which benefits suit your requirements. We plan to provide Online quotes and other tech enabled solution for all lines of business insurance.

Getting group health insurance for your employees? Adjust pre and post hospitalisation limits, maternity limits, and room rent limits on the fly, and immediately see how your price will be affected.

Getting property insurance for your office, business, factory or warehouse? Well now you can tailor make your own cover, choose to add cover from accidental damage to plate glass or neon sign, and see exactly how your estimated premium will vary with each choice.

Apart from group health insurance, and fire (business package policy) Perilwise also provides online rates for:

Our recommendation system takes into account the nature of your business, and suggests appropriate covers to tailor your insurance to suit your business needs. You can also talk to our experts, with years of experience, who can guide you through the process of selecting the right insurance at the best rates for you.

We are constantly working with insurers to get estimate rates for more lines up, and plan to add more lines, especially along legal liability lines. If there is a specific line you want us to create online, let us know below!

Get Insurance for


Insure your building, contents, stocks, machinery, equipment, etc. with Fire Insurance(& additional covers)



Insure your shipments(marine cargo/transit insurance, marine hull insurance)




Get Commercial General,Professional Indemnity,Carrier Legal Liability,D&O Liability covers and more



Purchase Group Health, Life,Travel, Personal accident, or Workmen Compensation covers for your employees!


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