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When it comes to business insurance, documentation can be tricky to maintain. In cases of property policies(like fire insurance, factory/business insurance, office protection policy, etc.) the list of insured items can change multiple times between renewals.

It gets even more complicated with employee benefits insurance(like group health or employee Mediclaim, group personal accident etc.), the list of those covered is constantly changing, because of employees leaving, and new employees joining.

What if that could be made easier?

We at Perilwise used our tech skills to create a policy manager suite. Your account for the dashboard is created when you take a policy with us, and logins are issued once your policy is ready. We load the details in the backend, so that makes your life easy. Now, your teams can:

  • Cover new employees
  • Delete old employees
  • Pass endorsements(change in address, new locations, etc.)
  • Avail claims support
  • Get quotes for renewal
  • Get new insurance policy as your company’s risk profile increases

All at the click of a button!

This dashboard also facilitates multiple logins, that allows separate logins for HR to manage employee benefits insurance, admin to manage office protection, group travel, and company cars, and finance to look at legal liability policies, and a master login to manage everything.

Policy manager

Every policy your company has taken will show up on the dashboard, explaining coverage details, facilitating renewal reminders, etc.

Value Added Services

You also have access to affiliate signup(allowing you to offer insurance to your customers), Risk management services, Gratuity Signup, and more!

Artificial Intelligence

The policy manager suite enables access to a chatbot to help with FAQs & processes, with a live expert support backend in case you need more help. It also provides smart calculators that allow you to view quotes and calculate premiums online for any policy that you may need

Hassle free processes

Your dashboard will have separate sections to raise endorsement requests & claims online. This eases your processing burden, and immediately notifies Perilwise’s experts, who will then take action.

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