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Perilwise are licenced insurance brokers. Brokers are intermediaries that represent clients; unlike agents and corporate agents, that represent insurers, or their own (non insurance)business. As brokers, we prioritise adding and maximising value to customers, from a holistic risk standpoint.

We achieve this by reviewing your business – and working with you to understand your growth/expansion/consolidation plans for the future. With this information, we can then use our market experience and technical knowledge to identify the right business insurance to suit you and offer bespoke business insurance advice.

Effective risk management depends on accurate risk quantification. To design a sustainable and successful risk management strategy after identifying, measuring, analyzing and understanding the existing and emerging risks for your business, we rely on our team’s actuarial expertise.

Risk management, in layman terms, is about how to avoid risks, how to minimise the risks you can’t avoid, and how to insure the risks that you can’t minimise completely.

Risk management processes are usually carried out in three steps. First, we must understand the nature of the risk at hand, and the consequences it might have to their life of business. Then we come up with solutions to ensure the impact of said risk, should it occur, is minimal. Lastly, the third step involves devising a structured plan of how best to implement these measures to ensure the risk is quickly and effectively minimised or neutralised.

We work proactively with our clients to analyse risks that their business and industry face and provide specialist, tailor made solutions for them. Services we provide include:

Contract Review Service

A valuable contract review service is provided for clients operating in the multiple sectors to make sure that terms within contracts, appointment documents, and collateral warranties do to not invalidate your policy coverage or expose you to liabilities outside your policy.

Claims Consulting

With almost 2 decades in claims experience in our senior team, we scrutinise your policy and your situation, streamlining the process of claims for you and helping you get your damages reimbursed, even reopening claims if we have to. We also advise you on how to manage such situations in the future.

Employee benefits

We work with your finance and HR teams to set up a benefit plan for your employees, which includes employee gratuity, pension schemes, and insurance(Group Mediclaim policy customisation). Our Actuarial team will both vet the numbers and get a sign off on annual gratuity reserves. We also work with pension funds to provide pensions schemes for companies.

Workshops and other value added services

We have tie-ups with many firms/specialists providing value added services, such as RIAs, Motor vehicle service providers, etc. We provide seminars and workshops featuring specialist firms(such as Third Party Administrators, surveyors, and analytics experts with relevant experience), organised on request.

Actuarial Risk Assessments

Perilwise’s actuarial risk assessment specialists help you design sound strategies for your business. We help you effectively manage your Total Cost of Risk; streamline your line of credit arrangements, determine cost savings associated with different deductibles, help you adequately quantify your liabilities & quantify potential volatility of self-insurance or insurance costs for the upcoming year.

IT risk assessment

We help you assess IT vulnerabilities in your system and ensure your cybersecurity is assured. We work with your IT team to explore top vulnerabilities of your system, and even use professional CERT-IN auditors to do vulnerability assessments.

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