Liability Insurance

Running a business generally means providing a product or a service to customers. Many times, there can be damage caused accidentally to customer/public/other third party(wherein you are the first party and the insurer is the second party) for which you, as a business are liable. This is where Liability insurance comes in.

Liability policies cover all sums which the Insured is legally liable for such as:

  • Damages in consequence of accidental death or bodily injury or disease to Third Parties
  • loss of or damage to Third Party property arising out of 
    • any defect in the products manufactured and covered under the Policy after such products have left the Insured’s premises
    • arising out of accidents occurring in the insured premises and wherever insured conducts his business / operations.
  • Loss or damage arising from errors and omissions

Commercial General
Commercial General Liability

Also known as General Third Party Liability, this plan covers a range of liabilities faced by a business. The major protections available are against bodily injury, damage to property...

Professional Indemnity

Also known as an errors and omissions (E&O) policy, this policy provides insurance against third-party legal liability arising out of errors and omissions or negligence while...

Cyber Security
Cyber Security Policy

This policy covers liability or loss due to data breaches, payment gateway flaws or deliberate cyber and data fraud and other cyber security breaches. It’s a cover contractually required...

Carrier Legal
Carrier Legal Liability Policy

This policy pays all sums for which you shall become legally liable as compensation for Physical loss, Destruction of goods,Damage to goods or merchandise while in transit...

Directors and Officers
Directors and Officers Liability

A Directors and Officers liability policy is a cover for the personal liability arising due to claims brought against Directors, Officers and Employees for actual or alleged misstatements...

Public Liability

Accidents can take place anytime, anywhere without notice, and a business is always at risk. In case something unfortunate happens at your property or factory, the responsibility for...

Product Liability

A manufacturer or a trader can fall victim to complicated and expensive law suits due to a possibility that a product could cause damage to a third party. Product Liability insurance...

Investment Management
Investment Management

Companies in the financial services sector are at high risk for legal liability claims, and are often declined, or don’t get adequate cover. This liability product is tailor made for companies in the financial services and investments industry

Fraud Control/Fidelity
Fraud Control/Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

A fidelity guarantee insurance policy insures against any direct monetary loss to the insured business due to an act of duplicity...

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