Perilwise specialise in providing Group Insurance, Liability Insurance, Property Insurance and certain other lines such as workman compensation and marine insurance. Check out our products below

Fire & Engineering Insurance

Property insurance covers your shop, office, or factory/facility (incl. building, contents, stocks, machinery etc) from all manner of risks, such as Acts of God, burglary & theft, malicious damage, etc. You can also insure projects under construction.

Group Cover Insurance

Employees are the cornerstone of your business, and group insurance allows you to take care of them and/or their families, thereby improving morale, retention and productivity.

Liability (or Casualty) Insurance Policies

Running a business involves providing a product or a service, and this can result in many mistakes that could make you legally liable to the wronged party. Liability insurance helps cover your legal liabilities and defense costs.

Other Insurance Policies

There are specialist insurance policies that fall don’t fall under the previous categories. Other policies we serve include Workman Compensation, Marine Cargo insurance...

Our Other Services


Insurance as a Service

Perilwise provides API level integrations for online insurance, such as transit insurance, group health insurance, property insurance, etc that allow you to improve your offering, and provide insurance to your customers.


Risk Management Services

Our highly qualified team is available to consult with you on your risk management needs, and help you reduce, manage, and insure risks to ensure smooth operation of your business.

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