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Be Wise, Get Perilwise

Perilwise is your personal insurance policy manager, complete with a chatbot, analytics, clear explanations of benefits and exclusions in layman terms, and comprehensive claims assistance.

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  • Car Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • domain Commercial Insurance
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What is Perilwise and how does it help me?

Perilwise is your personal insurance concierge service. You can upload existing policies and get renewal reminders, you can get recommendations on what policies are best for you and your family from our advanced AI and analytics, and you can do it all on both website and app!

One View

Perilwise allows you to store all your insurance policies in one location. You can also add your family and your dependent's policies. Maintain a clear overview of your cover, manage renewals and claims for your loved ones, from anywhere, at anytime.

Analytics & Intelligence

We at Perilwise are committed to giving our users a smooth, hassle-free experience. Our algorithms crunch data using state of the art analytics to find the best cover for you at the cheapest prices. You also have a responsive Chatbot to answer all your queries.

Trust & Simplicity

Don’t know much about insurance? Unsure of what cover to get? Our calculators help you find your ideal cover, and explain why it is recommended for you. We also help you understand the benefits & exclusions of your policies in simple, concise & layman terms.


Insurance can get pretty complicated, especially when it comes to understanding exclusions, or claims, or even while deciding what product to buy!

Download the app from


Now upload your loved ones’ policies(motor, health or life) and manage renewals, understand benefits etc. instantly!


Receive personalised claim assistance, Locate garages and hospitals that are part of your insurer’s network, have your queries resolved by our chatbot, and use our advanced and easy to use calculators to evaluate your ideal cover level.


Hassle Free

Perilwise will never call and spam you, unless you specifically request a call back for a query.

Perilwise also provides complete comprehensive insurance solutions for corporations, including API connections and integrations.

Full range of products

Perilwise provides all forms of insurance, from liability, transit(marine) fire, stock, theft, engineering, group health, life, and more.

Risk Management & Services

Pick our experts’ brains to unearth what cover is best for your specific needs, what risks are most critical, and best and most economical course of action!

Comprehensive Dashboard

Perilwise also you provides you a helpful dashboard, allowing you to fetch new quotes, renew & manage existing policies, report claims, pass endorsements, etc.

Perilwise for Business

Manage all of your company’s insurance related needs, from one place, saving time, effort, and manpower.

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